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Personal Financial Services
Managing your personal finances can be a burdensome task.  Not everyone has time or the patience to organize a budget and put that plan into motion.  At Salazar Solutions our team will do the organizing for you.  We'll review your monthly bills and create a budget that meets your financial needs.  We'll also review any financial goals you have such as saving for the trip of a lifetime, or paying off your debt in a timely manner.  

For the last five years our staff has managed the finances of hundreds of individuals and we will use our expertise to put you and your household into a strong financial position.  Our team will continue to consult with you for as long as you need us.  

Not only is this a great service for adults, it's also perfect for teens who are about to go out on their own.  Kristen Salazar (President of Salazar Solutions, LLC) was taught at an early age, the importance of maintaining a budget and tracking your spending.  She's even started to educate her children (the youngest is 8) about money management and why it is so important for them to learn now how to make those tough financial decisions that will confront them throughout their lives. 

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